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JConsole, My first step towards Java profiler

JConsole is very simple, yet powerful Java performance monitor tool and one of the major upgrades to Java 5 is its comprehensive monitoring and management support, which is very much needed in any Java based enterprise application.

There are various profiling tools available for Java in the market and every one of them has its significance & different from the other. JConsole is very useful for basic profiling needs. t’s not very elaborate like other profilers, so, you don’t loose focus from the problem you are chasing. Since, it is part of JDK, you can always trust this more than any other third party profiling tools.

In a nutshell, JConsole is used for monitoring the vital JVM statuses like memory pools (heap & permGen space), threads and classes getting loaded. It is also used for managing MBeans which are part of JDK or the one’s provided by the application that JVM is running. Servers like JBoss and Tomcat ship their own set of MBeans along with their products, using which you can manage their application containers. You can also write your own application specific management tasks like “OutOfMemory” warning system, cache management or any back door administrative tasks as management beans.

For more details please read out here:



you can also get plenty other free Java profiling Tools from the below link as follows:



Happy Java Profiling 🙂


  1. Vladimir Kondratyev
    December 11, 2012 at 4:07 AM

    jconsole is simple, but not a powerful tool. I’d say that it’s quitе primitive. If you want to perform good performance analyses you need to use right tools. For example YourKit Profiler http://www.yourkit.com

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