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Never check in code in EOD !!!

Be cool and do cool !!!

We learn many things as we become more experienced. There are some lesson which are not been written in any book, we learn from our own experience. Each one of the developer has his/her own methods,tools and practices which he/she develops and used as he progresses in life, and no two developer has same set of these. You can assume that each of the developer has an environment created by him/her in by learing/unlearning from his/her past experience. Here I am going to tell one simple practice that helps a lot. It says that:  “Never Check In the code by End of Day(EoD)”.
This is very siple yet powerful process which could stop a lot of bugs.Normally, What happens is that we delay all code check in task till, we are ready to return from office. So, at last we realize that we have to check in and we do it hurrily witout giving proper attention. This results in defect. Code check in is an important process and it should be done carefully. Whatever hard work we had done, if we miss to this process carefully its worth nothing. So, never check in the code by EOD until its necessary and urgent, always try to check in before first half of the day. Another advantage of checkin in the code in first half is that if any there is any error(say compiled) we get enough time to fix those and check in the code. Now it is upto you how you will manage your code…


Happy check-in….



Welcome To Java Technical Blog

Welcome to Java Technical Blog.

This blog is completely for people those who came from java j2ee background :). All about Java Technology, Java related Technology and frameworks.

I will cover the following topic’s as follows:

  1. Java & J2EE Technology Discussion.
  2. Java with RFID Technology.
  3. Java with Near Field Communication(NFC).
  4. Java J2EE frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, JBoss Seam, JBoss Richfaces and many more.

Thank you visiting to my Java Technical blog.

With Best Regards,

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