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Embedded Java – A Fresh Look at Embedded with Greg Bollella, Chief Architect.

Great news for Java lovers!!!
Java Technology is going to use in the embedded space.
“Now, embedded developers can download, install, and begin creating Java programs on typical embedded hardware in minutes.”Greg Bollella
(Chief Architect, Embedded Java, Oracle)
The Java language and runtime platform are pervasive in the embedded space. Today, Java technology is already present in 5 billion SIMs and Smart Cards, 3 billion mobile handsets, 80 million TV devices, including every Blu-ray player shipped, and many other embedded solutions from printers and bank machines to e-book readers and cars.
Java SE for Embedded
Java SE is commonly known as the platform that runs on desktops and servers. It offers a high-performance virtual machine, full high-performance graphics support, deployment infrastructure, and a rich set of features and libraries. Java SE for Embedded has been optimized for mid-range to high-end embedded systems.
  • Devices having 32MB (without graphics) or more for Java can use Oracle’s Java SE for Embedded
Java ME for Embedded
Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client is based on Connected Device Configuration (CDC), a subset of the Java SE platform and draws from the origins of the Java platform, which was originally designed for embedded devices.  While scaled down to fit the limitations of resource-constrained devices and optimized for low to mid-range embedded-systems, Oracle Java ME Embedded Client provides most of the Java language and runtime features developers know and are accustomed to with Java SE.
  • Devices having 8MB (without graphics) or more for Java can use Oracle’s Java ME for Embedded
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